Feature Graphic Creation

Why This Tool Is For

Useful online tool for creating feature graphic image and also easy to do it. If you want to launch any app in google play store then you need to fulfill some of play store requirement(Like highres Icon, your app screeshot, feature graphic etc.). So feature graphic is one of the requirement which will be needed whenever you want to publish your app in play store. And here we serve a feature graphic creating tool which can generate feature graphic easily.

Create Your Graphic

Step 1

Step 2

Download .PNG File

How It's Work

First set a background for your feature graphic for the step 1. If you want to add an image then choose it by clicking the choose file button. Else you can add a background color by putting any color code. Now press submit button. After that in step 2, if you want to add some title or sub title with their color you can do this. Now press step 2's submit button. Finally, you will get an image which will perfectly set for the feature graphic and download it by clicking the download .png file button.

Input Formats: JPG, PNG and GIF

Output Formats: Only PNG

Supported Platform

This tool is supported on any platform from the browser. No matter if you have a mobile phone, computer, console or tablet the image converter will work perfectly.