Array to XML & XML to Array

Why This Tool Is For

This is a great online tool for Array to XML & XML to Array conversion. It shows your code data side by side in a clear, editable view. Sometimes as a coder we need to convert the data format, like Array to XML or XML to Array. That's why this tool is so much helpful for the coder.

i) Array format must be like that e.g-> Array( [0] => Array ( [tag] => ROOT [type] => open [level] => 1 ) )

XML Encode and decode to Array



How It's Work

First, put your data into the proper field means if you want to convert Array to XML then put it into the array box. If you want to convert XML to Array then put it into the XML box. Now, click the right button which you want to convert, Array to XML or XML to Array. After clicking the button you will get converted data.

Input Formats: Array Or XML

Output Formats: Array Or XML

Supported Platform

This tool is supported on any platform from the browser. No matter if you have a mobile phone, computer, console or tablet the image converter will work perfectly.